We are all Special: Children’s Book Illustration

I had the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book called ‘We are all Special’ by Mariam James. This short story/prose highlights the unique and distinctive characteristics and features of a young child. The simple and yet repetitive tone of the prose ensures a rhythmic and playful style, which ensures children to identify themselves with the theme of the book, but also guarantees a connection for children to celebrate. Despite flaws, imperfections and weaknesses we are to encourage children to commend them as God made us all in His image which ultimately is perfect.

I started this project with sketches of all the pages and laying out the look and feel of the scenes. I was asked to create a ‘cute’, simple and baby-like character, along with a playful look and fell to appeal to toddlers. I wanted to create a very innocent and sincere looking young boy that would fit into perfectly into the world of this story.

After creating the sketch it’s time to transfer to the computer and work digitally. Choosing the colours were curtail to the feel of these illustration. I didn’t want to use colours that were too bright but wanted colours that blend well with each other and would not draw attention away from the main character.

The end result was playful and inspiring book that is encouraging and entertaining for young children. I am very pleased with the end results, and should you happen to pick up a copy, I hope you will have as much fun reading it as I did drawing it.
This book is on sale on Amazon and all good book stores on October 31st. Thank you for watching!

We are all Special: Children's Book Illustration

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